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MRC Newsletter: Volume 2, Issue 4

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A Hurricane Sandy Update from the National MRC Director

The below was originally shared as an email update from Rob Tosatto, the national MRC Director, on October 31 2012. It details the MRC response to Hurricane Sandy. Director Tosatto is pictured below.

We continue to monitor the response to, and recovery from, Hurricane Sandy. The DCVMRC staff returned to their regular office locations in the DC area this morning, and operations are running smoothly. Meanwhile, the MRC network is making great efforts to help those affected.

We have received many incredible first-hand reports, notes of encouragement and messages of camaraderie. Thank you to everyone in the MRC network for your thoughtfulness, generosity, and dedication to the mission of the MRC! We have also received a number of inquiries about deployment to the affected areas. At this time, we do not have any requests for MRC volunteers to deploy outside of their local jurisdictions. If a request does come in to us, we will let the MRC leaders know as soon as possible. We are certainly appreciative of the passion of our MRC volunteers and the fact that they would drop everything to help those in need. But for now, we ask you to sit tight!

Thankfully, MRC units in the communities directly affected by the storm are doing an amazing job giving care and assistance, working with local partners, and serving as an integrated part of the response and recovery effort. The reports from Regional Coordinators, State Coordinators, and MRC Unit Leaders are coming in regularly and are giving us insight into the breadth of services MRC units are providing. We do understand, though, that these reports are fluid and the activities and initiatives supported by the MRC are constantly changing, as dictated by local need. Below, please find a snapshot of the current work being done by MRC volunteers.

Local Medical Reserve Corps units, across Regions I-V, have reported:

  • Twenty-five units activated to support general/American Red Cross/special medical needs shelter operations, emergency department outposts, special needs registries and call centers.
  • Over 525 volunteers have been activated by local MRC units in support of this event.
  • Fifteen units have demobilized from either an activation or standby status.
  • Many MRC units have placed volunteers on standby.  

The DCVMRC will develop an after-action report for the MRC network, to include details from units on their activities, numbers of volunteers activated, and impact on the community. This will help to educate us all on lessons learned, as well as to highlight and celebrate the tremendous successes and positive impact our MRC volunteers made. It will also be great to demonstrate the “Return on Investment” for local communities, states and the federal government.

For those involved in the response, we encourage you to keep communicating. When possible, be sure to capture the work of your volunteers wearing the MRC logo in live action photographs. They speak volumes when promoting your efforts – locally, statewide, and nationally. We want to do everything possible to bring to light the incredible service and value that MRC volunteers provide.

As the east coast continues to assess, respond, and heal from the wounds inflicted by this horrific storm, it is wonderful to know that the entire MRC network is standing behind and alongside those in the midst of recovery. Thank you all for your on-going dedication to the Medical Reserve Corps, and be safe.

 – CAPT Rob Tosatto
Director, Division of the Civilian Volunteer Medical Reserve Corps


MRC Newsletter: Volume 2, Issue 3

Read MRC Sarasota’s Quarter 3 newsletter: MRC Vol 2 Issue 3

In this issue:

  • National Preparedness Month in Review
  • Meet Mindi Rohan, New MRC Recruiter
  • Autumn Call Down Drill

Debby: A Soggy Wake Up Call

Thanks to Tropical Storm Debby, Sarasota did not feel much like the Sunshine State early this week. Although Debby did not reach hurricane strength, she did cause beach erosion and flooding throughout Sarasota County.

Debby did not trigger MRC Sarasota’s activation, but she does serve as a soggy wake up call to current and pending MRC volunteers. If you are an MRC volunteer, please be sure your information is up to date in ServFl. If you are a pending MRC volunteer, now is the time to apply and get credentialed – in the calm before the (next) storm.

Photo Credit: Peter Acker, Photographer